Mayor Lukwago Supports Copyright Amendment Bill

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has expressed his full support for the Copyright Amendment Bill. However, he raises concerns about the divisions within the music industry that may hinder its progress.

One of the major challenges faced by artists is the lack of understanding of their own value. Many artists are vulnerable to exploitation due to limited knowledge about their rights and the importance of copyright protection.

Erias Lukwago

He stressed how essential it is for artists to recognize their worth and the impact they have on society. By coming together and forming an umbrella association, artists can collectively advocate for their rights and create a stronger platform for their voices to be heard.

He further suggests educating artists, which plays a vital role in empowering artists and ensuring the sustainability of the music industry.

Artists should be equipped with knowledge about copyright laws, licensing, and the business aspects of the industry. This would enable them to protect their intellectual property, negotiate fair contracts, and maximize their earnings.

The divisions between the Uganda National Musicians Federation and the Uganda Musicians Association have been a source of concern.

Mayor Lukwago thinks that these divisions not only hinder collaboration but also impede progress towards common goals, and he therefore suggests that artists put aside personal differences and work towards a united front.

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