Gender Minister, Amongi commends NSSF Mass Registration Drive for Social Security Coverage expansion

The Managing Director of Fine Spinners (U) Ltd and her team, along with officials from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, and other guests, gathered to commend the NSSF for its efforts in strengthening social protection for every worker.

Minister Amongi reiterated that social protection is crucial for achieving national development goals and promoting equity, and providing social security to vulnerable citizens is an essential step towards reducing poverty and improving access to services.

Uganda has a labour force of 16.3 million people, of which 13.9 million are working. Unfortunately, 85% of paid workers in the country are employed in the informal sector, without formal contracts or social security. The NSSF Act, as amended, empowers the Fund to introduce new products to appeal to all segments of the working population, regardless of their income levels.

Minister Amongi emphasized that all eligible employers must register their employees with the Fund, including the government, registered companies, partnerships, trustees, registered businesses, governing bodies of unincorporated associations, and managers or subcontractors who provide employees for the principal contractor. The Ministry will work closely with the NSSF to ensure seamless implementation of the mass registration drive of both eligible employers and employees.

Employers have been urged to take advantage of the opportunity and register their employees before the 30-day deadline, which commenced on 28th March 2023. The NSSF’s mass registration drive is a significant step towards ensuring social security for all paid workers in Uganda, and the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development will continue supporting the Fund in driving this agenda through partnerships with the private sector, regulatory bodies, and other partners across the country.

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