Flavia Tumusiime, Andrew Kabuura reminisce as son turns 3 years old

GOSSIP: Three years ago, Andrew Kabuura and Flavia Tumusiime became first-time parents after the birth of their son Liam Kabuura.

Credit: MBU.

To celebrate Liam’s third birthday, Flavia Tumusiime has shared memories of her pregnancy which she says was quite tough on her side.

She shares the only baby bump photo she has of herself and notes how grateful she is to God for choosing her to be Liam’s mother.

“On this day 3 years ago, I became a mama. Thank you to Beryl Anita for the only proper bump pics I have from that pregnancy. I could write a book about that pregnancy, hmmm, but in hindsight after the years, I’m sooooo grateful that God chose me for it all,” Flavia partly writes on her IG stories.

The 35-year-old thanks her husband Andrew Kabuura for being a wonderful father to their son and for handling parenting “like a champ.”

“Special appreciation to Andrew Kabuura for winning dad of the year each year, lol. He handles parenting like a champ,” Tumusiime writes.

“He used to tell me that Liam would look exactly like him and that they would be best friends. Hmmm, all this happened, and I’ve been fighting to fit into their boys’ club these past 3 years,” she adds.

Flavia Tumusiime further reveals the lessons motherhood has taught her in the past three years including stopping to impose her dreams and expectations on her child.

The biggest lesson I have learned in motherhood these past 3 years is that I need to stop imposing my dreams and expectations on my child. The best I can do for him is support whoever he wants to be, whatever he desires to do, etc, and maybe just guide him here and there.

Flavia Tumusiime

The Capital FM presenter is currently baking another ban in her oven.

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